More Appointments Information

Making an appointment to see a doctor

Appointments can either be made in person or by telephone during practice opening hours Monday to Friday 8.00am-6.30pm.

Online – register for our online appointment booking service and selected doctor’s appointments which can be booked online at any time.

When contacting the surgery, an appointment will be offered as soon as possible, although if you specify a particular doctor you may have to wait longer than if you are prepared to see any clinician. The Nurse Practioner, Nurse Prescriber or any of the doctors will see patients whose usual doctor is not available providing that they have appointments available.

Please ensure a separate appointment is made for each person seeing the doctor or nurse.

If you make an appointment that you subsequently do not need please telephone the practice to cancel the appointment therefore enabling that appointment to be offered to another patient.

If you require a chaperone present at your appointment please let the receptionist know and they can arrange this for you.  Our chaperones have undergone specific training to carry out this duty.  You may be asked, when making your appointment, if you require a chaperone. 

Routine Appointments i.e. booked in advance

The bulk of appointments are able to be booked in advance. Our patients tell us that they prefer to be able to book ahead to see their usual doctor. A selection of doctor appointments can be booked on-line.

Same Day Appointments

The practice operates a system where there are some same day appointments available with the Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Prescriber, and some appointments with the Doctors and Nurses for emergencies.

The Nurse Practitioner is a Registered General Nurse who has undergone extra training inlcuding the completion of a specialised degree.  Their role is to work alongside the GPs to see, assess and treat patients for conditions such as chest infections, back pain, general infections, abdominal pains, minor injuries, emotional health, women’s health, unwell children, skin conditions, migraines etc.  The Nurse Practitioner will be able to help you, including generating a prescription if needed or, when occasionally necessary, refer you on to a doctor.

The Nurse Prescriber is a Registered General Nurse who has undergone considerable extra training and who undertakes much of the minor injuries / illnesses work traditionally carried out by a doctor. The Nurse Prescriber will be able to help you, including generating a prescription if needed or, when occasionally necessary, refer you on to a doctor.

Sick Children

Sick children will always be seen as soon as possible. If there are no appointments available the receptionist will advise you when to bring them in.

Other Appointments

The practice operates a system for the nursing team where patients can pre-book appointments. The receptionist will ask what type of appointment is required so that the appropriate time can be allocated. The receptionist will also direct you to the most appropriate member of the nursing team.

Attending for your appointment

On arrival for your appointment please use the self check-in or report to the receptionist. The clinician will call you in when they are ready to see you.

Our clinicians do try to keep to time but unavoidable delays occasionally happen. Please be patient if you have to wait – the clinician may be dealing with an emergency or complicated problem. Remember next time it could be you that you needs extra help.

If you are late for your appointment, the receptionist will ask the doctor or nurse whether they can see you but it may be necessary to wait or rebook. It is often not be possible to see you if this would mean that all following patients would be delayed.

Cancel Appointments

If you wish to cancel an appointment please call the surgery as soon as possible or use the on-line service. Please let us know in plenty of time so your appointment can be offered to someone else who may need it.

Telephone Consultations

The doctors will conduct telephone consultations where appropriate and if this is the patient’s preferred method for their appointment.

Extended Opening Hours 

We work within a hub of practices offering extended hours appointments with a GP either face to face or on the telephone. Our nearest hub is Acle Medical Practice or Hoveton and Wroxham Medical Practice however we have access to hubs in Stalham also. Where appropriate the reception team will offer an appointment at one of these hubs. These appointments take place in the evenings and weekends and if you would like to be seen during these extended hours, please ask the reception team when booking your appointment.